Five Vital Reasons For Lawyers To Use Mobile Apps

Are you a legal practitioner? If so, mobile app technologies can help to improve efficiencies within your firm operations and keep your clients informed and up-to-date. In today’s world, digital is king within businesses. Law firms and legal practitioners must up their ante to differentiate themselves from the majority by embracing technology, in particular mobile phone app technology, to go all the way with the inevitable digital progression. We have identified below just five of the many reasons why your firm should champion mobile technology:

Digital Access On The Go
Who wants to be carrying great tomes of legislation when attending court or client meetings? Up until recently, the legal industry has persisted with the traditional, using text books or journals where online resources are available, printing paper where computers could be used. Now, law firms are starting to use technology to improve their admin processes, to speed up work time and to develop relationships with their clients. Using your smartphone, you can make life so much more convenient by, for example, accessing legislation or case law via a mobile app, reducing the need to rely on heaving those heavyweights all over town.
Application type examples: checking legal documents on a smartphone; searching for specific documents or forms on the go; using an artificial intelligence engine to provide solutions.

Obtaining Data From Clients
Using a mobile app can assist you and your staff to minimise data entry - collecting the data just one time, at the beginning of the relationship, and uploading it to the usual places without having to re-input it will improve your business’s productivity. You can impress a client with an innovative and practical data collection tool which will separate you from your competitors by accomplishing a much smoother and speedier process.
Application type examples: clients data and documents to be collected in a structured format; providing a customer engagement platform to contact the firm effectively; a real time communication platform.
Prioritise The Client Experience
Identify your clients’ needs and develop a mobile platform for your clients to provide them with legal updates and any other relevant information - displaying a dashboard showing the processing of their applications, giving them an action calendar or requesting further information from the client. When client’s expectations and requirements are identified and a customised solution is provided, you can get clearer visibility both from your clients and for them. We all know that our phones are constantly with us so, this way, your clients will be kept constantly up to date.
Application type examples: communication platform for law firm’s clients; quick quotations on the spot for clients; mobile register of all documents received.

Stand Out From The Competition
Be recognizable and be technologised. There are not many law firms which adopt advanced technology in their practices. Some may use CRM (Customer Relation Management) systems, however fewer of them have taken the next step to benefit from the power of mobile platforms. A mobile platform is a great way to deliver content to your client.
Application type examples: providing document status updates; diary management and branding applications for clients support.
Catch The New App Technological Wave
You will have seen how mobile apps are prevalent in many different industries and benefiting their owners. Nobody ever believed how impactful mobile apps would be on our day-to-day lives, however now most businesses could not be profitable without them. This phenomenon will eventually become an everyday occurence with law firms and it is vital to be ahead of the game. You must be both flexible in your approach and speedy in your reaction to change to ensure that you provide the best tools possible for your client.
Application type examples: better structured mobile-supported legal services; dynamically updated and automated chatbots (automated chat systems); automated language translation services.

A Practical Example: Kite Union Migration (
An immigration practice, this agency uses legal software to collect and collate information and documentation from clients prior to and during consultations. This is done by completing pre-designed forms to ensure all relevant information is obtained from the beginning and also by, if required, recording (with the client’s permission) the meeting to ensure that a record is kept of all the lawyer’s advice and the client’s details.

Mobile application development has become more and more sophisticated and provides law firms with the ability to be so much more intuitive. Identifying your needs and actioning now will not only allow you to stay ahead of your competitors but also keep you looking strong and effective in your clients’ eyes.  Contact Kite Union - Sydney based Mobile App Developer - to assist you to start riding the technological wave as soon as possible!