Mobile App Misconceptions

Mobile app misconceptions: 5 common myths surrounding mobile applications. Your Sydney based app developer reveals the truth.

By providing mobile app software development services for the Australian market, Kite Union has come across a number of misconceptions on the market. Here are some examples:

1. Misconception: The Cost of Developing a Mobile App Is Too High

Most people think that developing or using a mobile platform is really expensive. This is not always true. For SMEs who face a lot of expenses during the development of their operations process, there are few reasonably priced options to start using mobile platforms:

  • Subscription model.  A company may purchase a subscription to minimise costs. This is a good option when starting out with the development of a mobile app. However, once your company has moved forward and already developed an app -usually off-the-shelf apps - it may be more financially advantageous to consider the next two options.
  • Customised Templates model. When the organisation wants to adapt and build their own branded solution, this option would be less than a fully customised solution and may allow you to get your own application up and running within a few weeks.
  • Fully Customised model. This is the most expensive solution and the price usually depends on your requirements. However, it is possible to identify and use elements from different apps to be able to minimise your development costs.

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2. Misconception: My business doesn’t need a Mobile App

Most businesses have not yet realised how a mobile platform can help their business. However, more and more, businesses are using mobile technology to keep ahead of the trend. It doesn’t need to be hard. You can identify a solution available for another industry and adapt this process to your business needs and link all backend systems and platforms into one. Here are few non-standard applications:

  • Apps for generating quotations
  • Apps for controlling electronics
  • Apps for magicians to do business tricks

3. Misconception: A Mobile App Is NOT Required When There Is a Website

Although a website can perform many business functions, neither it nor a responsive website can replace a mobile app.

There are several other benefits that mobile apps can deliver:

  • Augmented reality (adding 3d objects to the real environment via your mobile phone)
  • Your mobile device storage space can be used by your application to save the relevant Documents & Data
  • Applications can function offline with no internet required
  • Fingerprint login can be used to access a mobile app
  • Having a mobile app is one sure way to impress your client!

4. Misconception: Mobile App Development Does NOT Generate ROI

Some businesses think that it is difficult to generate Return on Investment (ROI) through building a mobile application. Please consider the following as to how to return your investment:

  • Businesses minimise labour hours by using a developed mobile app, for example, generating quotations on the spot or displaying important data on an employee’s mobile via the app.
  • You can work with your client collaboratively using a shared, secured platform, saving communication time and costs.
  • Attract clients by providing useful applications which benefit their industry/processes/technology

5. Misconception: Off The Shelf App Is Better Than A Custom Made Solution

An off the shelf solution can not always deliver what you are looking for. This may be a good option as a starting point, however when it comes to optimising your technology for your company, a customised solution can give you a more overall direct benefit.

  • Customised solutions strengthen your brand
  • Applications will be specifically designed to suit your business’s processes
  • All your systems can be linked to maximise their overall effects

We have analysed 5 common misconceptions although this list is not finite. The main point of the article is to explain that you can implement any mobile solution that you/your business requires. You must simply remove all limitations and find the right solution for your organisation. The most beneficial option is for you to consult a professional, experienced mobile app development company to review your circumstances and present you with suitable options.