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BLACK FRIDAY App Development Coupon

  • BLACK FRIDAY App Development Coupon

Kite Union

BLACK FRIDAY App Development Coupon


Collect 20% discount coupon towards your future app development in 2022 for projects starting from $25,000, that is savings starting from $5,000!

For any solutions made at Kite Union in 2022 for a limited time you can obtain a discount for any project complexity


  • Project starting in 2022
  • Discount can only be used once in 2022
  • Applies for new projects only
  • For projects starting from $25,000 in budget
  • Purchased and paid in full before 5th December 2021

Local Expertise

Based out of Sydney, we can meet with you face-to-face to ensure that clear instructions and advice are given and received.

Unique Outcome

Your product will be tailored to your specific requirements, taking into consideration all your needs and wants.

Jargon Free

We are able to talk on your level, explaining the process in a clear way so you will understand what is happening throughout.