Marketing & Mobile Applications: Linking the Two

Did you know you can use mobile technology to boost your marketing campaign? There are so many options available to aid your marketing efforts and so limited time to be able to focus on which is the best for your business. You can choose something off the shelf which is not customised to your needs or you can invest in mobile software which suits your purposes 100%. This article explains why you should consider developing your own application customised for your marketing purposes rather than rely on mass-used products.

Here are a few ideas which will help you to understand how to use mobile software to develop your marketing campaigns:

Provide customer oriented tools
Simplifying a task or action to be done by your customer by giving them the required tools can help build relations between your organisation and your customer. From a marketing perspective, this facility is an excellent way to develop trust and increased communication with your target audience. A good example of a business using this facility is where a psychologist promotes her business with the promise that she will provide her clients with mobile access to their sessions, including any videos and notes made at that time. The information is stored securely and accessed via mobiles to cancel out any possibility of illegal downloads. On receipt of this information, clients feel confident in their doctor and consequently recommend her to their friends and colleagues.

Mobile App

Build a branded application
Promoting your brand by developing a mobile application which will advertise your company. From a marketing perspective, such an application will increase company recognition, customer retention rate and return on investment (ROI). A law firm would benefit from publishing on it own branded mobile application information such as law updates, articles interpreting and commenting on case law, assessment forms and case studies. The firm can use the “push notifications” facility which again promote its brand and products by notifying its clients immediately and efficiently of any relevant news.

Develop a business process improvement (BPI) application
Using mobile technology for internal BPI will lead to a vast improvement in your business’s productivity which, in turn, will boost the level of trust in your company. From a marketing perspective, mobile technologies and resulting business improvement will be a talking point and benefit that you can discuss when in negotiation with your future clients. A good example of this type of application is one which provides a tool to collect data from property inspections and upload it to the server. Such a tool reduces the possibility of human error and minimises the data collection time of the company client when the inspection is made.

More and more, your potential client base demands that mobile technologies are used to promote and sell your goods and services. The use of the mobile phone to do business will only continue to increase. Therefore it is vital that your marketing plan includes this type of technology in the budget. Such technologies provide you with the opportunity to collect more specific statistics from your clients and introduce your marketing ratios/measurements and incorporate them within a mobile application. The “app” will provide a detailed report of your customer’s behaviour which will be important for your marketing team to be able to understand how to develop your products and services better. Custom made mobile applications are an efficient and cost-effective way to develop your business and increase your return on your investment.

Be creative and equipped to predict marketing trends!